1. Review "at" and "an" family words

  1. Pocket chart
  2. Hand puppet
  3. Finger alphabet poster
  4. Family word ring with all family words introduced so far in a random order
  5. One word card for each of the words in the "at" and "an" word families
  6. One word card each for of the letters "c", "f", "h", "m", "p", "r" and "s" written on the right side of the card
  7. One word card for each of the word endings "at" and "an" written on the left side of the card
  8. Worksheets 3-11A, 3-11B, 3-11C

  1. Review Letter Sounds
    1. Review the chants of letters that need review.

  2. Review Family Words
    1. Review the words on the family word ring.

  3. Review The Blending Of Family Words
    1. Explain to the students that they've been doing a great job writing family words. Today the puppet is going to help us put the parts of family words together.
    2. Have the puppet hold up the word card with the letter "c" while you hold up the word card with the word "at". Hold the cards so that they're several inches apart.
    3. Have the students sound out the puppet's word card with the letter "c" and then your word card with the word "at". Bring the cards together so the students can then read the word "cat". Continue with the rest of the "at" and "an" family words.

  4. Review The Writing Of Family Words
    1. Call on a student to listen carefully while the puppet says a word from the "at" or "an" family. Then have the student finger spell the word by sound and write it on the board. .
    2. Continue calling on other students to finger spell and write words from the "at" or "an" families.

  5. Game - Pick a Word
    1. Place all the family word cards on the floor face down. Have the puppet move them around as he says "mix them up, mix them up". Call on each student to pick a card, turn it over and read the word. If a student is not sure of a word have him finger spell it by sound.

  6. Seat Work
    1. Pass out Worksheet 3-11A. Dictate "at" and "an" family words for the students to write.
    2. Have the students do Worksheet 3-11B.


  1. Review Sessions
    1. Pin up copies of the "an" and "at" family words around the room where the students can see them.
    2. Have the students read and finger spell the family words at least twice during the day.

  2. Homework
    1. Give each student a copy of Worksheet 3-11C to do at home.
    2. Tell the students to show their families how to finger spell and sound out the words in the "an" and "at" families.