1. Review how to sign and sound out the letters "Bb", "Cc", "Dd", "Ee" and "Ff"
  2. Play the game Concentration to reinforce the sounds of the letters "Bb", "Cc", "Dd", "Ee" and "Ff"

  1. Pocket chart
  2. Hand puppet
  3. Finger alphabet poster
  4. Two cards each of letters "Bb", "Cc", "Dd", "Ee" and "Ff"
  5. Worksheets 2-8A, 2-8B


  1. Review The Letter Names
    1. Sing the alphabet song with the students as the puppet carefully touches each letter on your display. Make sure the students slow down when they come to L, M, N, O, P and the letters T, U, V. One good way to do this would be to have the students clap when they sing the letters N and U.
    2. Write on the board a word the students know how to read. Then have the students spell the word out loud with you as you point to each letter. Repeat with a few more words.

  2. Review The Letter Sounds
    1. Touch each letter on your display up to the letter "Ff" as you and your students do the following chants. Make sure that you and your students sign each letter and word that is chanted.

      • /a/, /a/, apple; /a/, /a/, apple
      • /b/, /b/, boy; /b/, /b/, boy
      • /k/, /k/, car; /k/, /k/, car
      • /d/, /d/, duck; /d/, /d/, duck
      • /e/, /e/, elephant; /e/, /e/, elephant
      • /f/, /f/, flower; /f/, /f/, flower

  3. Game - Concentration
    1. Place two copies of each of the letters "Bb", "Cc", "Dd", "Ee" and "Ff" in the pocket chart turned around so the students cannot see the letters.
    2. Then have the students take turns turning over two cards in the chart to see if they can find a matching pair. Each time a student turns over a card have her and the rest of the class sign and sound out the letter. If the two letters that are turned over match, the student keeps the letters. Otherwise they are put back in the chart.
    3. Make sure to praise or clap for each student whether or not the cards match. If the cards do not match you can tell the student she still did a great job because she signed and sounded out the letters. Continue the game until all the cards have been matched.
    4. End the game by having each student with a matched pair of letters give them to you as the whole class signs and sounds out the letter.

  4. Seat Work
    1. Have each student do Worksheets 2-8A. Discuss with the students the kinds of pictures they can draw for each letter.
    2. Have the students share their pictures from Worksheet 2-8A.


  1. Review Sessions
    1. Pin up copies of the day's letters around the room where the students can see them.
    2. Review the sounds of the letters at least twice during the day.

  2. Homework
    1. Give each student the Worksheet 2-8B to read and do at home.
    2. Tell them to show their families how to sign and sound out the letters "Bb", "Cc", "Dd", "Ee" and "Ff".