1. Introduce the MBR book My Yellow Box

  1. Word ring with words words from the previous lessons that need review
  2. Hand Puppet
  3. Alphabet book like Dr. Seuss's ABC
  4. A copy of MBR Book 3 My Yellow Box for each student. It's a good idea to to use card stock for the book covers.


  1. Letter Names
    1. Sing the alphabet song with the students a couple of times as the puppet carefully touches each letter on your display. Make sure the students slow down when they come to L, M, N, O, P and the letters T, U, V. One good way to do this would be to have the students clap when they sing the letters N and U.
    2. Read a good Alphabet Book like Dr. Seuss's ABC during story time.

  2. Phonemic Awareness
    1. Continue helping the students say the words on the word ring sound by sound. For example point to the letters in the word "with" as you say the sounds /wi/ /th/. Then have the students say the sounds with you.

  3. Review The Words On The Word Ring
    1. Have all the students read the words together.
    2. If your group is small enough, have each student read the words. Otherwise choose students you feel need the most help.

  4. Introduce The MBR Book My Yellow Box
    1. Explain to the students that we are now going to be reading a new book about a Yellow Box.
    2. Have the students read My Yellow Box as a group while it is held up for all to see.
    3. Choose individual students to read pages of the book. Ask the students questions to make sure they understand the book.
    4. Have the students reread their books over the next several days.

  5. Seat Work
    1. Have the students color their copies of My Yellow Box - make sure to remind them to color the boxes yellow and the apple on page 7 red.
    2. Have each student read their book to their neighbor and the teacher.


  1. Homework
    1. Tell the students to read their new book My Yellow Box to their families at home.