1. Introduce the MBR book Ricky and Norma

  1. Word ring with words from the previous lessons that need review
  2. Hand puppet
  3. A copy of MBR Book 2 Ricky and Norma for each student. It's a good idea to to use card stock for the book covers.


  1. Letter Names
    1. Ask for a volunteer to come and touch the letters or point to them with a pointer as the alphabet song is sung up to the letter "Yy". You may also want to have the puppet point along with the volunteer.
    2. Write the letter "Tt" on the board. Be sure to point out the capital and lower case versions of the letter. Have the students say the name of the letter and look for it in their names and in words around the room..

  2. Phonemic Awareness
    1. Tell the students to listen carefully as you say the first part of a word and the puppet says the second part. Then tell them to say the complete word. For example if you say "va" and the puppet says "cation" everyone should respond with the word "vacation".

  3. Review The Words On The Word Ring
    1. Have all the students read the words together.
    2. If your group is small enough, have each student read the words. Otherwise choose students you feel need the most help.

  4. Introduce The MBR Book Reading For Fun
    1. Explain to the students that we are now going to be reading a new book about a boy and a girl named Ricky and Norma. Go over the pronunciation of the names of the two characters in the story.
    2. Have the students read Ricky and Norma as a group while it is held up for all to see.
    3. Choose individual students to read pages of the book. Ask the students questions to make sure they understand the book.
    4. Have the students reread their books over the next several days.

  5. Seat Work
    1. Have the students color their copies of Ricky and Norma - make sure the students use the right colors for the yellow box on page 3 and the red flower on page 4.
    2. Have each student read their book to their neighbor and the teacher.


  1. Homework
    1. Tell the students to read their new book Ricky and Norma to their families at home.